Sinopsis dan Silibus

Mempelajari  pembentukan mineral, kristalografi, kimia mineral, sifat-sifat fizikal mineral serta kaedah

asas pengelasan mineral.



Mineralogy is the study of minerals.  Since rocks are defined as aggregates of minerals, and since the Earth is essentially made of rocks, the study of minerals is essential to understanding the Earth and the rocks of which it is composed.

The lecture part of this course is divided into 4 major parts as can be seen by perusal of the syllabus:

  1. Crystallography - the study of the internal and external form of crystals (all minerals are also crystals).
  2. Chemical Mineralogy - the study of the chemical composition, stability, and occurrence of minerals.
  3. Optical Mineralogy - the study of the techniques used to identify minerals with the petrographic microscope. (in EBS 232)
  4. Systematic Mineralogy - a systematic summary of the key identifying features, occurrences, and uses of the most common rock-forming minerals.

Similarly, the lab is divided into 3 parts:                              (Sila KLIK untuk SILIBUS 2008)

  1. Crystallography                                                         Sila Klik untuk OBE Silibus (2006)                        
  2. Identification of hand samples of minerals              
  3. Optical Mineralogy                                                   Buku Rujukan Mineralogi (2008)

                                                                   NOTE :          INDIVIDUAL ASSIGNMENTS (TITLE LIST) -  NON METALLIC & METALLIC

                                                                                          ASSIGNMENT FORMAT (Please prepare according to format not exceeding      

                                                                                          12 pages, using 1.5 spacing, Times Roman 12)      Example Quartz08.pdf


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        Mineral growth animation (klik image to view)           Crystal growth (klik image to view)