Text Box: USM is one of the leading institution that has taken an initiative to establish a research cluster, a platform that bring together expertises with the common interests to further strengthen researches in the waste management fields covering science, technology and engineering backgrounds. USM is an active partner in the research collaboration umbrella within Asean University Network (AUN-SEED-net) in the field of Environmental Engineering and Geological Engineering.
This cluster is coordinated by EITD (Engineering, Innovative and Technology Research Platform, Universiti Sains Malaysia at Engineering Campus, Universiti Sains Malaysia, Nibong Tebal. Since establishment this cluster has closed research collaboration and support from Drainage and Irrigation Department (D.I.D) under Ministry of Natural Recourses and Environment, Malaysia; Humid Tropical Centre (HTC, Kuala Lumpur), World Health Organization (WHO), UNESCO-MIHP,  Municipality Councils, and Contractors. 
This cluster was established in order to gear-up researches in waste related management at USM and to promote awareness the important of sustainability in waste management. Waste in its broadest sense includes greenhouse gases and other environmental emissions, as well as domestic, commercial and industrial refuse. It all has a big effect on the sustainability ours cities. Alike the pressing waste management problem in international arena, Malaysia will face the similar problem. 
The cluster was also established in addressing many pressing issues and policies such raised in government policies and enactments relating to good governance and practicing in waste management. This especially highlighted by the introduction of the new Malaysian act that passed by Parliament last July on the Solid Waste and Public Cleansing Management Act. In line of the act, Malaysian government had introduced a new department called Department of National Solid Waste Management. Under the new act, all related issue of waste management especially solid waste will be under supervision of federal government not only on the shoulder of local government.

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