Text Box: This is a joint programme that will be organized to promote networking of academicians and professionals in the sharing of common knowledge, ideas exchange, and to keep abreast with the latest development in the fields of Engineering Geology and Environmental studies in the spirit of ASEAN, especially in the geohazard and waste management.
This conference will be organized to mark the first achievement of AUN-SEED-net and the interdisplinary research of the group under the theme of Geohazard mitigation under Geological Engineering discipline. This especially towards "Sustainability Education and Research on Geological Engineering".
As waste management is also synonymise to Geohazard and Geo-environmental as that became the theme of this conference, which is also typical to many ASEAN nations. The Waste Management Regional Conference 2009 (WMRC 2009)  which would highlight ideas and issues about environmental management especially waste that are also interelated  to other geo-environmental cases and issues.
This would be a good platform for engineering geologist, chemical engineers, civil engineers, geologists, environmental engineers, managements etc. to look at the problems and issues at various aspects or perspectives  that common to all of us.